Thousands of Kurds, driven out of Iraq by Saddam's troops, were forced to live on the side of a mountain range between Iraq and Turkey. A thousand died a day from lack of water, denied to them by the Turks who would not allow them to come into Turkey. 

A Face in the Window -- A young girl stares through a clouded bus window during a heavy thunderstorm in Tirana, Albania. When I moved closer to the bus she turned away crying. In 1991, I was with a group of Westerners who were among the first foreigners allowed in the country since World War II. If I were made to choose a favorite photograph, this would be it.

Back from a session of shooting aerials over the unrestricted air corridors of Washington, D.C. Bill Snead holds still for a picture.

It all started in 1954:

Journal-World, Lawrence, Kansas

Capital-Journal, Topeka, Kansas

News-Journal, Wilmington, Delaware

United Press International, Vietnam and Chicago, Illinois

National Geographic Magazine, Washington, D.C.

Washington Post, Washington, D.C.

Journal-World, Lawrence, Kansas. Second time.

Washington Post, Washington, D.C. Second time.

Have taught at the University of Kansas’ Schools of Journalism and Design. Today living in Lawrence, Kansas.

At last, a website to call my own. We loaded our first version with photos I had handy and captioned. Captions, by the way, are the most abused/neglected element in journalism.

I fell in love with journalism and making pictures when I was 17 and a Lawrence High School senior. That was in 1954. Camera of choice was a Speed Graphic using 4x5" film. My good fortune began when I was hired by the Journal-World's photo-boss-from-Hell, Rich Clarkson. I worked for him nine years in Lawrence and Topeka, each year tougher than the previous. "That's good enough" was not in his vocabulary. His emotional kicks in the ass gave me a head start in a trade that I care for as much today as I did a hundred years ago.

A blanket clad mother carries her child over a foggy mountain pass on her way to the refugee camp. The man with the tent on his back is returning to Iraq because of the horrible conditions of the camps in Turkey. 

Kurdish mothers with their babies receiving intravenous fluids from Doctors Without Borders.

A small boy suffering from malnutrition sits on a potty in a clinic in Cartagena, Columbia in South America. The clinic was operated under the direction of the Hospital Ship Hope.

A boxer and his coach head into an improvised ring in an old gymnasium in northeast Washington, D.C. 

Dewey Chapin fills his hands with five rattlesnakes during a church service in Jolo, West Virginia. Dewey has been bitten over a hundred times by poisonous snakes. Relying on his faith and his church, all of Dewey's bites went untreated.

Each new inmate admitted into the D.C. jail in Washington is strip searched before they are handed a bright orange jump suit.

A Wilmington, Delaware fireman radios to headquarters for more help to fight a fire in a Catholic Church on the east side of the city. 

Dolly Parton's "extra" head of hair is illuminated in the spotlights on stage as she performed in an outdoor waterfront theater in Milwaukee. 

Forrest Lusk is an Elvis impersonator. For his day job he runs the Downtown Restaurant in Elkhart, Kansas. At about sunset, one very warm afternoon, Forrest took his mirror and moved outside to practice his Elvis moves. 

Knights of the Klu Klux Klan held a rally in rural Maryland, about 35 miles southwest of Wilmington, Delaware, sometime in the early 1960's.

A nurse connected with Doctors Without Borders works on a small child that her mother, standing left, brought to the only medical tent available for Kurdish refugees in the Isikveren refugee camp. Nearly a million Kurds fled from Iraq to escape government troops bent on their extermination. They were stranded in a mountain range between Iraq and Turkey where nearly a thousand died each day from the lack of water. 

Kurdish mothers sit with their children who combat dehydration. 

Mother Teresa stood on a box so she could see over the podium when she addressed a group of congressmen and spectators in Washington, D.C. in the late 1980's.

A group of Catholic nuns work in the garden outside their monastery in northern Romania.

A young ballerina adjusts her slipper before joining her fellow dancers at a studio in Topeka, Kansas. 

A wet, winding road cuts through the northern Maryland countryside near Germantown. 

A young Romanian peers through the grit-covered fence outside her home near the railroad tracks. 

These Romanians, living in Timișoara got together at the end of the day to have a few laughs and a couple of pops. 

Oblivious that she's about to be sold in a Romanian market this sow sleeps the afternoon as her owner bargains with potential pork buyers. 

Nearly a foot of snow fell during a Veteran's Day observance at the Vietnam Wall Memorial in Washington, D.C. in 1987.

Perry Smith, left and Richard "Dick" Eugene Hickock convicted murderers of the Clutter family in western Kansas walk down the hallway of the Federal Court Building in Topeka as they made their last appeal for their lives. They were hanged on April 14, 1965.

Organist Lydia Hollins handles a rattle snake during services while Dewey Chafin and his mother Barbara Elkins look on. Lydia's mother "snakebit died" during a service over 30 years ago when Lydia was a child.

The music inside the Church of the Lord Jesus is loud and rhythmic which inspires many of the worshipers to pick up a snake and dance near the minister's podium. 

Church members lay hands on a newcomer to the Jolo, West Virginia church. Prayers, some soft others loud, were said as they moved about the church.

The launch of the space shuttle Discovery, the first following the explosion of the Challenger in January, 1986.

The Vietnam Wall Memorial, right, glistens in the dark after a Christmas rain shower. An evergreen wreath silhouetted against the sky was one of many left at the memorial during the holiday season.

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